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Employee Wellness, Morale, and the Bottom Line



Keeping your employees happy is a key component to getting the most out of your bottom line.  With a business being ran by a bunch of unhappy campers who don’t want to be there, you can bet that your production rates will decrease as well.  Not every job is glamorous.  As a matter of fact, most jobs are the complete opposite.  However, that does not warrant the assumption that every day has to be a living hell.  Understanding the connection between employee wellness, morale, and the bottom line will help any frustrated supervisor transform their workforce.

Tracking Employee Wellness

Your employees are simply human beings who are trying to make a living.  They do not need or wish to be treated as slaves – machines that can take a beating without uttering a complaint.  Even machines break down; and your employees will as well if you don’t take some time…

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Employee


I have hired or been a part of hiring several employees. Some have turned out to be great employees while others were not. Over the years, I hope that I have become better at identifying those employees who will be great through continued education and learning from my successes and failures.

I have learned that great employees are capable, hard-working team players you can trust. Before I place an offer on the table to a prospective employee, I try to have four questions on trust answered. Here are four questions to ask yourself before hiring an employee:

1. Can I trust them to do the job well?

Some employees are able to jump into a new position and immediately excel. Others need some ramp up time to learn the nuances of the role. I am fine with either. Like Jim Collins, I believe that it is simply important to get…

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