4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Employee



I have hired or been a part of hiring several employees. Some have turned out to be great employees while others were not. Over the years, I hope that I have become better at identifying those employees who will be great through continued education and learning from my successes and failures.

I have learned that great employees are capable, hard-working team players you can trust. Before I place an offer on the table to a prospective employee, I try to have four questions on trust answered. Here are four questions to ask yourself before hiring an employee:

1. Can I trust them to do the job well?

Some employees are able to jump into a new position and immediately excel. Others need some ramp up time to learn the nuances of the role. I am fine with either. Like Jim Collins, I believe that it is simply important to get…

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  1. Interesting – it is hard at times – especially on a panel to properly assess an individual but those questions really cover the core of what you need to know.


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