About John


Many years ago I was almost killed instantly by 70 000 lbs of falling steel due to improper training.  I quickly became involved in health and safety management with a focus on “proper” training and hazard assessment/prevention with great success.  My most recent work and interests involve the psychosocial aspect of a good health and safety/ human resources program.  Simply put, happy workers give you more and work safer while a sense of teamwork resonates through the workplace.

As of 2020, I am writing inspirational articles aimed at helping people find true peace through a relationship with Jesus.  The healer of all trauma and broken hearts!


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  2. John thanks for liking my post. U DA MAN


  3. I look forward to visiting your blog often John!


  4. Thank you so much for your time at gravity of grace blog. I have also enjoyed reading your blog. Hope will see you again. Cheers!!


  5. Firstly thanks for following my own blog – am really enjoying reading such really enjoyable and informative posts from yourself! Such great work 🙂


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it.


  7. Thanks for stopping by and liking my latest post!


  8. Thanks for your visit to my blog today John 🙂


  9. Well done indeed John. Congrats on your success and positive leadership. Free Will Positive Moment, my book may assist as an additional perk in your approach. Touch base and we can discuss.


  10. Good work – important. Thanks a lot.


  11. Thanks Lisa for the encouragement. There is nothing like the feeling of applying common sense to fix problems in the workplace and seeing positive results.
    I will keep in touch.


  12. Hi John!

    Thank you for calling in today and Happy Birthday once again! When you mentioned you were involved in “employee wellness”, I was immediately drawn to you. Thank you for visiting my site and commenting so I could find your site.

    As a former manager myself, employee wellness (in all respects) is key to a successful, profitable, happy business. If your employees are being treated with respect, have fair salaries/wages, are involved in making the company the best it can be (safety included), and acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts and productivity, your business and your life can excel. And, so can theirs!

    I’ve replied to your comment on my site as well with some brainstorming ideas for you to ponder (if you haven’t already). Sounds like you found what you’re really good at – excellent turn-around for your company’s record!

    I had the opportunity to turn around a business myself years ago. We went from the store with the highest theft rate, (incl. employee theft) in the district with one of the lowest profits and the most disorganized and unwelcoming store in the district to one of the safest, cleanest, most welcoming and organized stores for our customers (had a complete employee turn-around w/proper training) which resulted in much better profits for the company, and a bonus for me. Being supported, acknowledge and appreciated by Headquarters was invaluable to me so I can relate when you say, it must start at the top. Absolutely!

    Well done. Keep up the good work. ~Lisa

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